Fall favorites!

I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it! I recently had a baby and am in blissful exhausted land. Sometimes my home can feel like a dark hole, and it helps my mental health immensely to try to get ready in the mornings, with makeup even. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, I feel good! Since I haven’t posted in a while, I wanted to share some of my favorite fall beauty products. 

For my birthday, my mother gave me a beautiful black gift card to Sephora. I was so stocked up on makeup that I held onto it for a while, and waited for the Sephora to release their holiday goodies. I’m glad I was patient. I picked up the Kat Von D mini lipstick set.  

Wow! These are the most pigmented lipsticks in the world, I think. They go on beautifully and stay forever. The color you see in those tubes? Yes, that is the color that will go on your lips. No sheerness at all. My favorite way to wear them is to put a buxom lip gloss over it for some shine. It changes the color, too. I have worn all of the colors, even the purples, but here’s the secret. I have worn the purples as eyeliners. Use them on a bare lid with an angle brush, and they work just like a liquid liner. They stay forever too! So fun, and a good challenge for lipstick-shy me.

My other purchase is amazing. It is a Becca mini highlighter set in opal. It came with a powder and liquid highlighter. I cannot use it enough. Highlight gives my exhausted face life. I use the liquid on the inside corner of my eyes and brow bone. I use the powder on my cheekbones after putting on blush. So. Amazing. 

Finally. Finally though. Is the palette of palettes. I got this for myself a couple months ago for half off with some gift cards I had. It’s the Anastasia Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette. I was nervous for the warm shades, but the reviews promised it flattered everyone, and the shadow consistency is amazing. 

Well, kids, they weren’t lying.

I don’t know how long the shadows will stay this awesome, but they are soft, buttery and easy to blend. Even though most are matte, the colors are so pretty that you wouldn’t know. Plus, matte shadows are more flattering on my tired eyes.

So here I am, with all of my favorites on, looking perfectly exhausted, rocking a non-professional application, and I feel amazing! It’s so fun to have pretty makeup! 

Hope you’re having a lovely fall. 

Love, a basic white girl. đŸ˜˜


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