Las Vegas?

I was asked to do a post for the misses blog, and I need to write anyway! I’m at week 37 of a miracle pregnancy, and currently hobble around like a pirate.. I’m a little sore. I stay down, and I’ve had a lot of time to think. 

Anxiety can be a prevalent go-to emotion for me. I could write on any number of my concerns: massive, worldwide contention, ambivalent feelings toward back-to-school season, money management, keeping house, future career pathways, newborn babies? But instead, I want to escape all that and share some trip tips. 

Namely, Las Vegas. My husband and I used to frequent there once a year. We last went two years ago. Once, someone asked what a person who doesn’t gamble could possibly find appealing about that sinful city. Frankly, it all comes down to the fact that Las Vegas intrigues me. It’s one of the most well-known cities in the world, and it’s about a 6-7 hour drive away.  That really isn’t bad for a long weekend getaway. At first, I wanted to find out if it was really worth exploring. What’s so great about that city if you don’t drink and don’t gamble? Won’t it spontaneously erupt into flames one day? Would a good parent really expose their kid to it? 

I love it. Usually. And here’s why you might, too.

The Hotels 

There are so many hotels in Vegas competing for attention. They want gamblers to stay, so the prices are much lower in comparison to other cities. Sure, a night at the Bellagio can start at a steep $229, but this is a high class, specialty, Oceans Eleven hotel. In most any other city, you’re looking at a nice chain hotel for that cost. I liked the New York hotel because it was less expensive, clean, and still mostly central on the strip, so we could walk to the other attractions. 

Look. At. This. Pool. We had it all to ourselves. 

The Food

People. There are so many high class restaurants here. Literally, anything famous you’ve heard of is probably in Vegas. We splurged once and went to a swanky restaurant where we had two waiters. One stood in a corner and watched us, and any time we looked like we needed something, he would magically appear. The other made sure all the food was perfect. We usually choose a buffet, and they are amazing. They have to be, because of competition and gamblers. We just smile and enjoy the benefits!

Free and Inexpensive Attractions

All you need to do is consult Google, and you will be presented with 100 free things to do and see in Las Vegas. My personal favorite is always going to the gardens at the Bellagio. We window shop as well, and just enjoy the pretty malls without making expensive purchases. It totally entertains us. 
There are hundreds of shows to go see in Las Vegas. The most popular are the cirque de soilei shows. It took us years to finally justify the cost of their cheapest show, Mystere, and we loved it. It was incredibly impressive! One year we got nosebleed seats at Alicia Keys, and loved that, too. There are many comedy and variety shows that are appropriate for all audiences, and I think it’s worth it to book one special thing like that. But not necessary! 

In essence, most of our memories in Las Vegas are of wandering around, people watching, eating good food, and just being together in warm weather! 

Cons of Las Vegas

Of course, some people hate the city, and you deserve to know why if you haven’t been there! It’s so good to be prepared for the headaches that you will almost always encounter before planning a trip. 

1. The sidewalks. If you look up, you will be amazed at the lavishly decorated hotels and casinos. If you look forward, you will find plenty of interesting people to chat about later. But sometimes, we must look down to avoid tripping on a curb. They are littered with inappropriate ads. It’s against the law for the distributors of ads to talk as they hand them out, but they are allowed to make clicking noises. They follow mostly men a couple feet, trying to hand them the ad for their “entertainment.” These solicitors go mostly ignored, but it’s annoying, degrading, and horrible. Kids walking the strip is questionable for this reason, and because there are so many people, they could get lost. 

2. The drivers. The combination of tourists, local, irritated drivers, and taxi drivers is downright terrifying. We usually park at Caesar’s palace because it is free parking and pretty close off the freeway. Once you’re in town, get parked and out of your car as soon as you can. Crossing intersections is usually pretty safe, because hoardes of people cross at once, providing a nice buffer. 🙂 

3. The smoke. It is allowed in the casinos, and you usually have to cut through them to get to your hotel, show, or restaurant. So book it and hold your breath. 

4. The crowds and partiers. Of course, many people go to Vegas to be wild. You will be exposed to weird or intoxicated people. Most people quietly mind their own business, even when drunk. I’m just saying, once you get around dinner time, watch out. You will know when “it’s happening”. Suddenly, people go from fanny packs and visors to 5 inch heels, 3 inch skirts, and all out glam. The party guys usually stay in their same outfits. Sometimes these people are obnoxious, and sometimes I feel uneasy, like something bad might happen. So, if I’m feeling nervous, we stick close to our hotel, have dinner, and keep to ourselves. Like old people. 

Is Vegas okay for kids?

I have only brought my daughter with us there when she was a baby, during the day, in a Moby wrap. Which was awesome. Everyone went crazy over her, because who brings a baby to Vegas? We did also take her to Serendipity for lunch when we were staying in St. George, and one other time for a quick daytrip to the Bellagio Gardens. If you want to have a family vacation there, I would recommend choosing a hotel that has a kid friendly pool, lots of restaurants, and kid friendly attractions. Mandalay Bay tends to be a favorite for that. It is on the south end of the strip. I wouldn’t go wandering up and down the strip with kids. Choose a pretty set schedule with shows, go visit circus circus, and take taxis between casinos as it is not too costly. 

Overall, I think there is a lot to be said for Vegas, and it can be an awesome choice, especially for the couple who needs a quick getaway. There’s plenty to do for even the most conservative of visitors. I cherish all the memories we have there, and look forward to going again! 

What do you like to do in Vegas?


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