Jesus­čĺť and a free printable┬á

Growing up, I was told I would be blessed to know Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. I was a teenager, receiving what is called a patriarchal blessing in my church, and even at that time, I knew that was huge. I wanted that knowledge.

It came simply for me, I read a few scriptures daily, and I was lucky to develop a habit of it. That was pretty much all I needed for that confirmation, along with daily prayer. A gospel teacher read a quote saying its a good idea to read daily from one of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), or 3rd Nephi. It’s because those are words directly from Jesus himself, and it didn’t take long before I felt this peculiar, strengthening presence in my daily life. It was like I had a loving big brother always hanging out with me. 

A few years later, in college, trying to keep up habits, making mistakes, going through ups and downs, you know, typical stuff, I was sitting in a boring class when suddenly a wave of joy rushed over me. “How amazing, that Jesus lives!!” was my thought. It was excitement – bigger than Christmas morning, better than being asked out by a cute guy.. It startled me. I knew at that moment my promise had come true. It felt, well, AMAZING. I felt protected, and knew no matter what, things would end up so, so great!!!

I screw up all the time. There are days I just hate myself. There are days I wallow in self pity and self doubt, and think of me, me, me! But I am grateful, beyond any of that, that I know Jesus is a real person. He really is ALIVE. The things He did on this Earth changed my entire existence forever. His power opens up so many doors for me, my children, my husband, family, and you. I can slowly but surely change things I hate about myself because of Him. It’s incredible, especially once it becomes less abstract and a reality. It’s unbelievable, yet so believable. Every word I’ve read about Him feels familiar and right. 

With that, I am so excited to celebrate Easter. My talented sister Linsey made you a free printable for this holiday. I know you’ll love it. Be sure to follow her on Instagram – @linseysdesigns, Facebook – Linsey’s Designs, or etsy

HAPPY EASTER!!! We love you, Jesus!  


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