Gwen Stefani UD Blush Palette Review

When I get cash as a gift, I tend to hold onto it for a while while I deliberate on how to spend it. It took me about two months to spend my Christmas money from my mom. I thought of all the fun things I could get for myself, but nothing was quite exciting enough. I finally gave in and decided I wanted some makeup, not because I needed it, but because it would be fun!

I didn’t know what to choose, but started looking at blush. I don’t usually buy blush. I have an old color that’s very peachy, and a newer one that could work more as bronzer. I have some contour colors that aren’t very good, and make my face look dirty. This year, blush palettes are a new thing, and people are liking them because you can layer and blend different colors like you would eyeshadow.

Gwen Stefani recently collaborated with Urban Decay. Her eyeshadow palette isn’t as highly regarded as the blush palette. I listened to the very positive YouTube reviews, but was actually encouraged not to get it while at Ulta because of my olive skin tone, beacuse it may not show up. She was wrong. I’m glad I got it!

Every YouTube reviewer raved about the packaging. I always thought people were silly to focus so much on that, but packaging is an important marketing strategy. If something looks cool, you’ll be more likely to reach for it, use it up, and buy it again. When I opened it, I agreed! I immediately started thinking of how I could keep this after I use up the blush. I think it’d make a gorgeous necklace holder. It’s really that pretty.
I swatched at the store, and saw why some people were nervous. This is not your typical blush. Its way better. It is like a blush luminizer. Very sheer, very buildable color. Colors were still pigmented and shimmery, not sparkly. 


Here are the colors in the palette.  


I did my makeup the next day just normal, with foundation, and layered on OC and cherry, used angel as a highlight over the top of my cheekbones, and I used a little bit of lo-fi in contour areas. I have NEVER, ever, loved the look of my skin as much as I did that day. It was at least the best skin day in the last 10 years. It just seemed bright and fresh, natural, and it felt good! Bravo Gwen! Might be my favorite makeup ever! Thanks, Mom!



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