Let’s just makeup 

If you know me personally, I have had a rough few years. I am not a total pro at coping. I don’t exercise or clean more when I’m upset. Usually, I cuddle with my daughter and have a my little pony MAREathon, take a healthy spoonful of Nutella, or, shop. Simple as that. There’s only so much venting about the same trial you can do before turning into a ball of bitterness. 
But, Makeup. It is colorful, it is a treat for getting your period ONCE again. It gets you out of bed in the morning. 

At least it does for me. Some mornings, I want to sit in my sweatpants all day, roll in the comfort of pet hair, play barbies with my daughter, and not be a part of the adult world. I think that makes me a better mommy to do that sometimes. But many times I look at my summertime-bored yet excited daughter and I’m like, ok. Let’s get out and experience the world. But then I have to shower? I start to hate myself, just automatically (I live with depression and chronic guilt, if you hadn’t guessed).

But, then, I remember my makeup. 

That glittery, shiny box sitting in my vanity. The colors. I want to try something new. It’s not going to pinch my feet, sausage my love handles, or damage my hair. It’s princess dress up time, just for me.

So many people ask me if I will show them how to do their makeup. The thing is, I’m not a makeup artist. I am more of a makeup collector. I try not to overbuy. I buy high quality, I usually use what I buy, but I don’t do it because I’m that great at it. I do it because I love colors and rainbows. 

The first time I tried a smoky eye, I was 20 and working at Victoria’s Secret. My coworker, a drop-dead gorgeous 18-year-old senior in high school, looked at me quizzically and said,

“Are you okay? Did you get a black eye?”

For my wedding, my sister did my makeup. It was gorgeous. I had no clue what she did. A couple of years ago, I started watching YouTube video tutorials. Until then, it was one shade of eyeshadow because I was too scared. 

Here are some things I’ve learned about eyeshadow. 

1. You almost have to have a variety of brushes to get a fancy look you want. You need a flat brush for straight application, a fluffy brush for blending, an angle brush for eyeliner, a smudger brush. If you have to choose one, go for the fluffier (but structured) brushes. 

2. When using dark colors, blend, blend, and blend. When you think you’re done, blend more. Use a very light touch and a small range of motion. Focus on harsh edges. 

3. Know your eye shape. 

  This is not my image. 

Most of us have a combination of these eye shapes. I have deep set, round eyes, which means I can’t do cat winged eyeliner unlike those with almond shaped eyes. I should put contour shadow above my crease, not in it. For hints on how to shadow your eyes, feel free to ask me, and I’ll happily give an opinion. 

4. PLAY before you buy. I don’t buy makeup unless I can touch it first. Many brown colors will not show at all on my skin. I have dry skin, so I need creamier shadows, like the makeup forever brand. Swatch the eyeshadows on your arms, and see how you like the consistency. You’ll end up looking bruised on your arm, but it is so worth it, and SO FUN. Ignore any snooty employees. People who try first are way less likely to return it. Wash and sanitize when you’re done. 🙂

5. Budget for it and don’t go crazy. I have chalked recent purchases to my fertility treatment budget, but sometimes that excuse won’t do. Try not to go into a Sephora or Ulta under the influence of caffeine, extreme emotions, or friends like me. 

Or do. I’ll try to behave myself. 


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