Yoga. Pilates. Magic words to some. At 20, I decided I wanted to teach group fitness classes. I did the AFAA certification, was trained and employed. Most of my coworkers were Heath promotion majors. They were also lean, buff, and did intense cardio through the 9th month of their pregnancies.  I was a little more moderate in my fitness passion. I liked the idea of getting paid to do something I loved.  Needless to say, I was the oddball. 

Psychology teaching major here! 

I taught step, strength, turbokick, water aerobics and PiYo, a Pilates and yoga fusion class. PiYo and water Aerobics were my favorite, because the commonly middle-aged participants had a similar quality: commitment. I never had a no-show class. Unfortunately, I lacked the passion I needed to keep going. I gave it all up at 27 due to a move that made the commute unprofitable. At that point, it was just about the money. 

I still regret the abrupt way I quit. Although I wasn’t thrilled with my employers, I owed the participants a proper good-bye. I was lucky my friend Livia was able to take over for me. Through times of back pain and depression, I reach for Pilates and Yoga. Through it all, I’ve dreamed of earning an RYT title. 

A couple months ago, someone in my stake learned that I used to teach yoga. They asked if I would teach for a retreat the teenage girls were having. Haven’t had done much yoga in a while, I was nervocited. It ended up being wonderful. They asked me to do it for my ward girls, too, and it was so fun! So I decided to volunteer teach an hour every Saturday at my church. 

It is so nice to get back into it, and maybe the joy is that I am not doing it for money. The people who come are dear to me, and it is a treat to give back to them. We all love the meditation portion the most! 

Possibly the best part is that my daughter comes too. It’s so fun to see her little kid body do the moves. Some other kids come, as well. I may not be the best fitness instructor in the world, but maybe one of them will be! 

Yoga and Pilates are rad. I think everyone needs a bit of it in their lives.


One thought on “Namaste

  1. Over the last three years, I’ve repeatedly put aside money in savings for an RYT cert. But every year, something comes up to take that money 😦
    This year, though, I’m doing a withdrawal-based saving plan and I’m committed to having enough money by the end of the year to certify for 200RYT in 2016.
    Thanks for getting me started on this journey all those years ago!

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