Survival 101

If you watched the makeup tutorial below, you may be surprised to learn that was not my first video post. It was my 32nd. I have a stream of 30 videos that tell you how I survived IVF. I did it twice, and it failed both times. And, I’m still alive! If you or a friend is suffering through infertility, I can teach you some ways to deal. Also, if you and your spouse are trying to get pregnant, I can tell you how 🙂 believe me, I know how. A woman going through infertility knows more about how to get knocked up than a woman who is blessed to get pregnant easily. So, please, don’t tell someone going through this to “just relax,” or, “try this” (you might get hurt).

Please, PLEASE, take some time to educate yourself on IVF if you have a friend going through it. Yes it’s confusing, but what is even more confusing is why I have to reexplain to most people I know what IVF means.


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