I am a dreamer. I struggle to stay grounded, and always want to try something new. A stranger may approach me and make a quick determination on who I am as a person, but once they got to know me, they would realize, that a deep sense of chaos resides in my soul! I mean, my favorite color is the rainbow.

Those who are most confused are my loved ones. I am a dichotomy of opposites – introverted extravert; perfectionistic slob; intelligent airhead. At this stage of my life, I feel the constant need to reinvent myself and try something new. Before I went completely crazy, I stopped and realized one fairly consistent quality I have: I like to teach.

Alas, welcome to my blog, where you will find a rainbow of subjects in which I can teach you the basics. I don’t claim to be expert, but I love to teach and explain. Wherever life takes me and my family, I will try to check in here. I will be surprised, as you, to learn what the next year or two hold for us. For now, let’s enjoy the ride!


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