Nikki wants to learn

I have a floral shop dream. I worked my tail off in a floral shop junior year of high school and became a reliable amateur. Though I don’t love the crazy stress a florist can encounter, I love the whole purpose. Flowers are already beautiful, and by keeping it simple, you can make anyone happier. 

I dream of owning a shop with my daughter at my side, maybe following her own dream like baking cookies or writing code (think Friday Night Knitting Club). The cute husband comes to help at busy times, say on a business strategy/marketing basis?

Since it has been a while since high school, I’m out of practice. After watching a very motivational videoI got excited and donated boutonnières to two girls for their prom. They weren’t amazing, but they weren’t bad. It took a lot of time, but seemed to make them happy and nurtured my dream.  

After asking a couple of successful florists in the area if I could volunteer to brush up on my skills, while being   open about my intentions, I am learning that it might not work. Florists stand up for each other, but they seem unwelcome to potential competition. Shocker! My sister has a more simplified idea so that we may jump headfirst into this. For this measure, I have little to teach, but plenty to learn.


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